Rental Policy

Please read and accept our policy as outlined below. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to rental:

All equipment can be scheduled and reserved with a 20% security deposit on a credit card.  The other rental fees are then due when the customer takes possession of the item.  If paying with cash at the start of the rental period, the security deposit on the card is still required.  Security deposits will be refunded at the end of the rental period following an inspection of the equipment.

A valid Driver’s License and Credit Card is required to rent any equipment. 

Proof of insurance for the vehicle trailering rented equipment may be required.

Reservation cancellations for any reason must be completed at least 1 week (7 days) in advance of the scheduled date to receive a refund on the security deposit.  To cancel a reservation, call 319-930-5003.

This policy stands to prevent reservation hoarding, ensuring fair access to rental slots for all potential users.

Example 1:  If canceled 2 days prior to the scheduled reservation, no refund will be issued for the 20% security deposit.  If the full rental was already paid for, the rental cost will be refunded, but once again, the additional 20% security deposit will not be refunded.

Example 2:  If canceled 7.5 days prior to the start of the scheduled reservation, a full refund will be issued for the 20% security deposit.  Furthermore, if the full rental was already paid for, this will be refunded as well, just as it was in example 1.

For weather-related cancellations received no earlier than the day before the scheduled rental, we will issue a raincheck for the 20% security deposit amount that will be good for 1 year from the date issued. Any payments made beyond the deposit amount will be refunded.

Raincheck Terms and Conditions:  Rainchecks must be used within one year of the issued date.  Rainchecks cannot be credited after the expiration date. Rainchecks must be used in full at the time of checkout. If your order is less than the raincheck amount, the remainder will not be refunded and cannot be used on any future orders. Once a raincheck has been redeemed on an order, that raincheck cannot be refunded nor reissued in the case of another cancellation.

There will be NO refunds of any kind for non-use once the customer has taken possession of the equipment.  The lessee agrees that no credit shall be due or payable for Equipment returned early, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

If you need to cancel an order, would like to redeem a raincheck, or have any questions on the cancellation policies, please contact us.

The rental period begins at the time the equipment is rented and continues until the equipment is returned to us and the customer gets their receipt.  In the event of mechanical failure, please contact us immediately so we can make any necessary time adjustments as well as get your unit fixed or replaced.


If you come to the end of your rental period and realize more time is needed to finish the job, the rental period may only be extended if the equipment is not already booked by someone else in the requested extension period.  Contact us at 319-930-5003 to determine the availability for this option.  We must work together to establish a new rental period and payment must be received in full prior to this extension.  If payment is not received, the equipment must be returned as originally scheduled according to the rental agreement.


Hourly 4-Hour Minimum
4-Hour (80% day rate price)  *Equipment must be returned within 4 hours. 
5-Hour (90% day rate price)  *Equipment must be returned within 5 hours. 
More than 5 hours (charged at the day rate (24 hours))
Daily 24 Hours
Weekly 4-7 Consecutive Days
Monthly 28 Consecutive Days (4 weeks)
*Contact us if interested in this option for custom pricing

Delivery & Pickup services are available for all of our equipment. Our current rate is $1.00 per mile driven.  There is a minimum delivery charge of $40.  

We make every effort to ensure our equipment is clean at the time of rental. Some equipment can incur permanent damage if not cleaned properly immediately after use.  Equipment should be rinsed thoroughly and excess debris removed before return.  We require the equipment to be cleaned and rent-ready, or cleaning charges may be incurred.

Once the equipment leaves our yard, the customer is completely responsible for it until they return it to us and get their receipt. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in the customer’s possession. Contact your insurance agent for coverage. In the case of loss of the equipment, the customer will be billed for the list price of the lost item plus rental incurred until time of settlement. The customer must provide us with a copy of the police report on any stolen equipment.

For trailer rentals, proof of insurance for the vehicle pulling the trailer is required. 

All equipment is sent out with a full tank of fuel.  If the customer does not have the ability to refill the fuel at the end of the rental period, the cost of the fuel used will be charged to the customer.  A refueling service fee may be appended to this charge in some cases.

Many of our larger items are equipped with an hour meter. For these pieces of equipment, rental rates are based on 8 hours of use per day. Additional charges apply for use in excess of 8 hrs/day, 40 hrs/wk, or 160 hrs/month.

All rates are based on equipment being used a standard 8 hour day shift. Companies using equipment on double & triple shifts will be charged at 1-1/2 & 2 times the regular rate respectively.

*Renting any equipment constitutes an implicit acceptance and commitment to adhere to the terms & provisions articulated within this policy, in conjunction with the Rental Agreement.