Chains and Binders


Per Rental (1-7 days) - $15 

*If needing the chains and binders longer than 1 week, give me a call to work out a deal!

The perfect chain and binder setup for hauling the mini skid loader or mini excavator with your own trailer.

(2) 10 foot 1/4" Chains (G70 -- 3,150 lb WLL)

(1) 20 foot 1/4" Chain (G70 -- 3,150 lb WLL)

(3) 1/4" to 5/16" Binders (2,600 lb WLL)

**take all 3 chains and 3 binders listed, or a combination of sizes to suit your needs

Is the item you are looking for already booked on the day(s) you need it?  Give us a call and we can ensure you are next in line if anything changes!

Phone: 319-930-5003